Pacific Harbour

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World Class Scuba Diving

Diving in Fiji, it is one of the big lifetime experiences for any scuba diver who enjoys a real adventure. Speak to anyone who has been diving in Fiji and they will tell you that there are few other places in the world where so much is crammed into one place. The archipelago contains over three hundred islands but only one hundred and ten are inhabited. The others are small volcanic islands with fantastic flora and fauna, which remain largely untouched. Above and below the water this is a place of spectacular natural beauty and in Fiji scuba diving is no exception.

Snorkeling and World Famous Shark Feeding Dives

Imagine a swirling throng of Jacks, Snappers and Groupers. Now throw into the mix up to 8 different species of sharks; Bulls, Tigers, Sicklefin Lemons, Silvertips, Grey Reefs, Whitetip Reefs, Blacktip Reefs, and Tawny Nurses. This is The Shark Dive, truly a ‘shark lovers’ dream come true.

Game Fishing

Explore the inshore, nearshore, offshore, and reef hotspots with the help of experienced local guides. You’ll get to target a variety of species, including Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Mackerel, Snapper, and the list keeps on impressing.

A variety of species is supported by a variety of techniques you’ll get to try on your trip. Depending on your target and weather conditions, you can expect to try anything from bottom fishing, trolling, spinning, jigging, popping, drifting, and handlining to fly fishing, kite fishing, and even bow and spearfishing.

Sea Kayaking

The sea kayak is a low-impact, non-technical, self propelled craft devised by the ancient Inuit peoples in the Arctic Ocean. Sea kayaks have evolved into stable, efficient and extremely sea worthy vehicles which makes wildlife observation excellent and totally unobtrusive so we can silently explore the coastal wilderness and paddle to places that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Fiji’s brilliant blue coast plays host to a multitude of marine life, including mud lobsters, herons, harrier hawks, kingfishers, fruit bats, colorful fish, pilot whales and dolphins. The sea kayak is also an ideal platform for snorkeling with a kaleidoscope of tropical fish among the brilliantly colored corals.

Surfing (World Class Break) – Frigates Passage

Frigates Passage. Twelve miles off-shore, Frigates Passage is a world-class left-hander break over a coral reef. Waves here are often big barrels and rides can go for 330 feet (100 meters) or more. It’s best March–November and good at all tides. Beqa Lagoon Resort, Batiluva, and Yanuca Island Resort access the break from Pacific Harbour while Matanivusi Surf Resort and Waidroka Bay Resort run trips from the Coral Coast. Viti Levu.

Banana Boat Rides

As you rode the banana boat at Adventure Sports, you will feel the sensation like a Jet Ski ride, although the speed is not like a Jet Ski. If Jet Ski ride can accommodate a maximum of two people, it will be very different from Banana Boat Ride as it can accommodate 10 people at once.


Pacific Harbour, notching the wind up another 5 knots to hit 25 knots four or five days a week. Two kilometres downwind in ‘Western Wreckers’ there’s flat water behind a sandbank and sailable reef at the end of the bay.

Jet Skiing

Fiji with its friendly, relaxed atmosphere is the ideal place to work with people who live here and those who are coming here from all over the world to enjoy the nature, adventure and good company. Fiji waters are very friendly and our jet skis are very simple to operate. We have designed our tours in such a way that the “adventure” depends entirely on you.

Kite Boarding

Remember the thrill of flying a kite as a kid? Come and discover that buzz again, only this time let it take you on the ride of your life!  In this course we provide all the necessary equipment and instruction to get you flying an adult kite from the safety of the beach.

Golfing (Trent Jones Jr. 18 Hole Course)

This exotic course provides year-round golfing and a practice driving range. You’ll face a variety of challenges throughout the 6285-metre course comprising adjacent rivers, deep bunkers and picturesque fresh water lily ponds, testing your skills against water hazards on no fewer than 12 of the 18 holes.

White Water Rafting

In the remote highlands of Viti Levu lies one of the most unique river trips on Earth. Slicing a deep chasm through the island’s tropical interior, the Upper Navua River is our hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness. Shrouded in lush rain forest, fed by countless waterfalls and protected by challenging rapids, the Upper Navua River is Fiji rafting at its best.

Beqa Fire Walkers

For a fun filled day, complete with experience of Fijian lifestyle, hospitality and customs, visit the Arts Village. They’ve mixed a little bit of fantasy and little bit of local flavour and made theirs a very beautiful and unique setting. Cultural tours of the recreated Fijian village are being offered. Firewalkers from nearby Beqa Island now walk on hot stones FROM Wednesday to Saturday. The Arts Village in Pacific Harbour is one of Fiji’s most unique destinations. Here you will find Fijian Culture “alive and strong”. Visitors get to interact with locals in a friendly environment and learn about their arts and customs.